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How to operate my Pocket Watch?

Wearing a pocket watch is a little bit different than a wrist watch and they need looking after a little bit differently too.

There are two main differences when it comes to looking after your watch, and that is whether it is battery powered or mechanical. All of our Pocket Watches on our website state in their product description whether they are battery powered or mechanical

Battery Powered Pocket Watch

All of these watches have quartz written on the watch face to make them easier to spot, being battery powered they don't need any winding at all and in that sense will work just like a normal wrist watch. To set the time on the pocket watch you need to pull the crown one click (the bit on the top of the watch that turns). Once it is pulled up you will be able to turn the hands clockwise and anti clock wise until you get to your chosen time. All you need to then is push the crown back down to its original position an you're all set.

A battery powered clock should keep the time and not need changing again until the battery runs flat or any normal seasonal/holiday adjustments to the time. 

 Mechanical Pocket Watches

These watches need a little more care and you should read this before trying to set the time or wind the watch yourself as doing it incorrectly can damage the watch.

To set the time it is the same as a battery powered watch above, you just pull the crown up one click and then your are freely able to move the watch hands. Even though you can move the hands in both directions it is recommended that you only turn the hands clockwise.

To wind the watch the crown needs to be fully pushed down, then holding the watch facing you, turn the crown to the left for approximately 30-40 half turns. As the watch gets closer to being fully wound it will feel tighter then won't wind any more. At this point stop winding, the watch is now fully wound up and over-winding it could damage the mechanism.

A fully wound up watch will work for roughly 24-48 hours, because of this your watch will need winding every day you wish to use it, failing to wind the watch means it will stop until it is next wound up.

It is also recommended to set the time again each time before you wind the watch.

It is very easy to do and shouldn't take you any longer than a minute for each use.

Any questions, give us a shout.


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