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Why Pocket Watches?

Why Pocket Watches?

It all started when I was asked to be an Usher at my friend’s wedding, I’d never been a groomsman before so didn’t really know what to expect.

We rocked up at his house the morning of the wedding to get ready, the drinks started flowing and we were given our matching suits to get changed in to. When we were all ready the groom gathered us round and all of the groomsmen and gave us a gift as a thank you.

The gift was a silver pocket watch which we were to wear with our suits for the wedding. What we didn’t think of was none of us knew how to wear a pocket watch but thankfully the tailor that provided us with the suits was still there to show us.

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Wearing a pocket watch not only looked good but it also provided some great photo opportunities for the photographer during the day.

Anyway, this is what kick started my interest in pocket watches and I started looking for some that I could wear for future weddings and other formal occasions. While looking for pocket watches and found that they didn’t just have to be worn at formal occasions and there was actually a lot of modern pocket watches which could be worn day to day.

I found myself wanting to buy lots of different watches but didn’t really have the need for so many, so I thought why not sell them? So that’s what I’m doing.

So now I have a growing collection of all of the pocket watches that I find that I can like so that I can share them with you, keeping them affordable and accessible too.

The aim is to continue to grow the selection of pocket watches to sell from modern pocket watches to more formal pocket watches for weddings.

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