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Classic and modern Pocket Watches are becoming more popular thanks in part to the BBC hit series Peaky Blinders. Their popularity is showing on Amazon where at the time of writing 6 of the best selling 50 watches in the UK are pocket watches.

We are also seeing more pocket watches at weddings.

Wedding planning website 'Love and Lavender' list pocket watches as one of the best gifts a bride can get the groom on their wedding day (https://www.loveandlavender.com/2016/06/best-wedding-morning-gifts-for-the-groom/).

Men's lifestyle magazine 'Men's Health' also list pocket watches as one of their most recommended thank you gifts for the groomsmen (https://www.menshealth.com/style/g20975889/best-groomsmen-gifts/?slide=30

Because of this we think pocket watches would make a great addition to any grooms wear or bridal shop, and we can provide this for you at no cost.

What we can offer is a selection of classic and modern pocket watches complete with stands to display them in your shop on a sale or return basis. There is no minimum time so you can opt out at any point and we will come and collect any unsold watches at no charge.

If you are interested in finding out more then please fill in the contact from below including the name of your shop and location and we will get in touch.